• HDHomeRun DVR Software (does not include hardware)

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  • HDHomeRun DVR Software (does not include hardware)

    $35.00 / year with a 2-month free trial

    Access to the HDHomeRun DVR service and 1 year TV guide subscription. Begin recording all of your favorite programs, movies, series and sporting events.

    We have taken care of setting this up as a recurring subscription renewal each year on your anniversary date. Now you don’t need to think about it each year and you can keep recording your favorite show. We do not keep your credit card info on file in our own data base, we use a secure system through our credit card processing center to handle it all each year.

    You may cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription in your account within our shop site at any time prior to your anniversary date by pressing the Cancel button. This does not cancel your current subscription that you have paid for already, only the auto renewal. If you change your mind, no worries, just hit Re-subscribe and the auto renew will be turned back on, just that simple.

    Only 1 Subscription needed per entire household. We do not limit the number of users, the number of HDHomeRun Tuners from which you may record from, nor the number of simultaneous, compatible, devices on which user can view recorded content.

    Store as much programing as your chosen storage path and support allows, we do not limit you here either. Expand your storage and your tuner count to support your own needs.

    DRM protected Cable TV channels in the USA are available to be viewed Live via Windows 10 devices. Record, playback and other supported platforms coming soon.

    The HDHomeRun DVR software works with HDHomeRun tuners (CONNECT, EXTEND, EXPAND, PRIME) to record to your Mac, Windows 10/UWP, or NAS, with playback on your Mac, Windows 10/UWP, Android Mobile, Android Media devices and iOS devices (minimum version 10.3.3 for the above listed tuners – does not work with legacy products). Progress Builds are released regularly tracking development.

    Available in US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil at this time. For use with HDHomeRun CONNECT (HDHR4-2US/HDHR4-2DT/HDHR4-2IS(BR)), HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US/HDHR5-2DT, HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO HDHR5-4US/HDHR5-4DT, HDHomeRun EXTEND (HDTC-2US), HDHomeRun EXPAND (HDHR3-4DC/HDHR5-4DC) and/or HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC) tuners.

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