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    ATSC 3.0 HDHomeRun FLEX 4K Development Edition (HDFX-4K-DEV)



    HDHomeRun FLEX 4K Development Edition

    The Development Edition comes with developer firmware so you can dig into the internals of ATSC 3.0 protocols, replay ATSC 3.0 protocol captures, develop ATSC 3.0 overlay apps, etc.

    Receive Free to air TV via an antenna allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over WiFi, or a wired Ethernet connection from your own existing home router. No more expensive Cable TV subscriptions or cable box rental fees. Now with 2 tuner support for ATSC 3.0 where available.

    For ATSC 3.0 availability in your area, see the following guide.

    • Cut the cable and save on monthly rental fees.
    • Watch live HDTV and 4K on up to 4 devices simultaneously on your WiFi or wired network.
    • Works with our HDHomeRun DVR so you can watch, pause and record.
    • Watch and record in full 1080p and 4K HDR resolution where available
    • HDHomeRun streams to DLNA compatible devices on your network.
    • View on many devices and platforms. Windows 10/UWP including PCs, surface, tablets and phones; Android including phones, tablets and smart media boxes; Apple including computers, iPhones, and iPads. Also, Plex plugins can be used for third party applications.

    • 4 tuners (2 ATSC 3.0/1.0 and 2 ATSC 1.0)
    • QAM64/256 (unencrypted digital cable TV)
    • 100BASE TX high-speed network
    • 2 year warranty

    The HDFX-4K DEV model has additional features for development and tinkering if you want to do more than watch TV. Only useful for developers.

    The DEV firmware supports the following formats transferred with a simple curl/wget command (no software required):

    • Real-time capture of ALP packets to an ALP PCAP file.
    • Real-time capture of IPv4 packets to an IPv4 PCAP file.
    • Real-time IPv4 multicast packet forwarding to the local network.
    • Real-time IPv4 targeted packet forwarding to the local network.
    • Real-time TAR file containing DASH files from DASH/ROUTE.
    • Real-time TAR file containing DASH files converted from MMTP.
    • Real-time TS generation from DASH/ROUTE content.
    • Real-time TS generation from MMTP content.

    ALP and IPv4 PCAP files can be opened and examined in Wireshark. (Silicondust has submitted an ALP protocol decoder to the Wireshark code base).

    Note: The optional HDHomeRun DVR Software requires a TV guide subscription of $35/year.

    Model no: HDFX-4K-DEV