• Silicondust TECH4-8US-2X4


    HDHomeRun TECH4-8US-2×4

    Multicast, Live TV streaming

    Suited to a range of demanding commercial applications

    • 19” Rackmount
    • TECH4-8US draws signal from 4 antennas for better signal resilience and greater channel range access
    • High tuner density
    • Multicast streaming
    • Constellation plot display
    • Compatible with TS Reader for stream analysis
    • dBm/dBmV signal level display
    • dB signal quality (MER) display
    • Configurable TTL
    • Static Channel/target/IP configuration
    • Scriptable from Windows, OSX, Linux, *BSD, Solaris
    • Multiple transport streams- (one transport stream per tuner)
    • Hardware PID filtering
    • 2 year warranty
    Model no: TECH4-8US-2x4