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    Receive Free to air TV via an antenna allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over WiFi, or a wired Ethernet connection from your own existing home router. No more expensive Cable or satellite TV subscriptions or extra box rental fees.

    • Cut the subscriptions and save on monthly rental fees.
    • Watch live HDTV on up to 4 devices simultaneously on your WiFi or wired network.
    • Works with our HDHomeRun DVR so you can watch, pause and record.
    • Watch and record in full 1080 resolution where available
    • HDHomeRun streams to DLNA compatible devices on your network.
    • View on many devices and platforms. Windows 10/UWP including PCs, surface, tablets and phones; Android including phones, tablets and smart media boxes; Apple including computers, iPhones, iPads and apple TV.
    • Compatible with Plex.

    • 4 tuners
    • Receives DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital TV – Freeview HD
    • Works with our HDHomeRun DVR service
    • 100BASE TX high-speed network
    • 2 year warranty

    Note: HDHomeRun DVR Software subscription is available separately

    Weight 907 g
    Dimensions 267 x 89 x 178 mm

    Temporarily out of stock

    Model no: HDHR5-4DT(AU)